Coaching Philosophy

Our aim is to improve your performance through the delivery of a training programme based on proven science and analysis applied to you as an individual athlete.
What it takes to succeed
Whether you are attempting you first sportive, or a seasoned pro looking for victories, we will work with you in partnership to identify what your goals are and examine what it takes to achieve those goals. Each individual athlete will have a unique set of goals, physiology and circumstances that must be considered when developing a personalised programme.
Measurement is fundamental to assessing progress and for fine tuning a training programme to provide optimal results. Traditional lab testing is an excellent method of accurately assessing progress, however appropriate field tests are now providing easier and viable alternatives especially where power data is available. We’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate methods of measurement for you.
We believe that coaching an athlete to succeed means a constant flow of communication and feedback is necessary to measure and progress, hence why we place no limits on communication and contact time. We’ll also endeavour to explain what the benefits of a particular session bring in terms of physiology, and how that will help you towards your goal.
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