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Alan ChorleyMSc
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  1. Rik Waddon - Paralympic medallist
    Being coached by Alan for 12 months produced probably the best road season I have had. Delivering me 2 national titles on the road (road race an time trial) and a top 10 in a road time trial at a UCI international Para-cycling world cup event in Italy. I have had many coaches over my 14 year international racing career and working with Alan was no different to working with the world class coaches that I have worked with at the likes of British cycling. His attention to detail and relentless ambition to keep pushing forward in everything we were doing was second to none. It's very important to have a coach that is equally as driven as you and your ambition to be the best you can be. A real quality that stood out was Alan's communication as this is very important for feedback on training sessions, whether it's going well or not as this can be a major key in the success of your ambitions.
  2. John Walsh - Age Group Triathlete
    If you are considering a coach to help you improve your current performance or reach a particular goal then Alan Chorley is the man for you. I started working with Alan at the start of 2015 and have gone on to record a whole series of personal bests throughout that time. My main goal for 2015 was to achieve a sub 12hr Ironman time. With Alan's guidance my time of 11:30hrs knocked 1:30hrs off my previous best. Alan's targeted training plan, which varied week to week also helped me achieve a range of other personal bests including; Running; 5k, 10k & half marathon Cycling TT; 10m, 25m, 50m & 100m Alan starts by asking a lot of questions, then combines this with his academic and technical knowledge to produce a scientific personalised approach that is second to none. I am now going to work with Alan to achieve a marathon PB in 2016.
  3. Graham Lockett - Physiotherapist and cyclist
    As a physiotherapist my own expertise is in the management of injury I endorse Alan's knowledge of exercise physiology and skills as a sports performance coach. In non-contact sport risk of injury increases with training load, leading to overuse injuries. Athletes following fitness magazine training plans are particularly vulnerable to overuse injury. Alan's athletes receive bespoke training advice and regular review with Training Peaks analysis. This sets apart Alan's coaching from others. I would encourage any aspiring athlete to subscribe to Power Lab Coaching.